Leading partners in the firm are Georgi Trenchev and Loreta Kostova. The firm has an established system for using the services of external experts and consultants in different regions of the country and abroad which enables us to meet our clients’ needs and provide services in compliance with the specifics of the legal system in various regions. The firm specializes in the field of commercial, corporate, obligations law, property and real estate, tax and administrative law, labor law, EU law and litigation.

The “Trenchev and Kostova Legal” law firm serves domestic and foreign clients and offers full supervision over the client’s activities.

The firm’s employees have full rights for litigation which guarantees the successful protection of the client’s interests in front of court and during arbitration procedures.

The firm has significant experience in consulting on issues regarding European law and preparation of projects under the EU Structural Funds and other European programs. The firm actively participates in procedures relating to public procurement and concessions.

Integrity, speed and comprehensive work with clients
are distinguishing marks of the firm.